CFR 1251 Bale Pro™

Think RATIONally when Blending Bales


Tall narrow windrow with mixed hay, metered grain and chopped have the cows eating rather than walking

Highline is pleased to introduce the CFR 1251 Bale Pro™. When good bales are scarce or efficiency is critical, the CFR 1251 provides flexibility to blend two bales into a healthy ration. When mixing bales, the ability to meter in grain, chop hay and bed down cattle with a single machine is part of the fundamentals of the CFR 1251 Highline Bale Pro™.

Cattle need a healthy ration to keep condition in the varying climate we have. Under feeding nutritional requirements is detrimental to health, over feeding costs money. Being able to mix off a high and low quality bale while topping the mixture up with grain to satisfy the needs of the cattle is essential. This provides producers with the best chance of raising quality cattle in the most economical way.

New Door

The focus of the CFR 1251 is quality feeding. The new door leaves the most desirable windrow to date of any bale processor

Highline’s HAY software provides you with some basic guidelines on the nutritional needs for your cows. The data is based on NRC findings to give you the most current feeding recommendations.

Note: When advancing to ration-based feeding it is important to consult a local nutritionist to ensure your feeding program matches the nutrient value of the hay and supplements being used.

Nutritional Needs
  Nutrients in the Feed Selected per Animal Minerals
  DM (lbs)
Available in Feed Selected 26.4 67% 2.41 3.75 36.3% 0.90% 0.76%
Finishing Demand 26.4 63% 2.3 3.63 12.1% 0.35% 0.22%
Cfr1251 Detail


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  • One year parts and labour

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Features and Specifications

Hydraulics 3 Remotes
Driveline 1000 PTO – 1 3/8" 21 Spline with Shear Bolt Protection
Tires 21.5L X 16.1
Size of Bales Up to 6 foot (1.8 m) diameter bales
Options Rear Facing Lights, Safety Chain, and Side Extensions

Base CFR 1251 Bale Pro™

PTO Minimum 120" (90 kW)
PTO Recommended 135 (100 kW)
Width 102" (259 cm)
Weight 12000 lb (5440 kg)

CFR 1251 with Feed Chopper™

PTO Minimum 160 (119 kW)
PTO Recommended 175 (130 kW)
Width 102" (259 cm)
Weight 12350 lb (5600 kg)

CFR 1251 with MGIS™

PTO Minimum 120 (100 kW)
PTO Recommended 150 (112 kW)
Width 129" (328 cm)
Weight 12750 lb (5780 kg)

CFR 1251 with Feed Chopper™ and MGIS™

PTO Minimum 160 (119 kW)
PTO Recommended 175 (130 kW)
Width 129" (328 cm)
Weight 13100 lb (5940 kg)

CFR 1251 Product Sheet Preview
CFR 1251 Product Sheet